We covered the Fiftieth Anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act today and looked at the law’s legacy; our friends at NPR HQ did a bang-up job telling the surprising story of the law’s creation. Take a gander.


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What is the song used on the "support for on point" clip of the program that usually comes on after it has ended. Not to be confused with the theme song by Fourtet. Thanks!


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What station do you hear us on? If you hear us on our home station, WBUR, that might be a better clue for us. Also, most (not all) of the music we use is listed here ——> Link ! 


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We remember Maya Angelou, whose remembrance of Lena Horne on our program in 2010 seems to echo today in the aftermath of her own passing. ('We Remember Maya Angelou,' May 28, 2014)

Hell No, We Won’t Bro

Thoughtful critique of an hour we aired earlier this week. Thanks for the input, Craig!

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It’s not my purpose to obsess over NPR’s On Point interview show (see three posts in August ), but by coincidence, they’ve pushed my music button again, this time in the not so agreeable way.

Early this week, Tom Ashbrook built around an hour the state of country music with John Marks , senior director of country programming at Sirius XM. Marks was Identified as the “hit maker” and “taste maker” and the guy who programmed and promoted the duo Florida Georgia Line until Their records caught on, Thus helping to ignite the so-called bro-country trend . (My friend and colleague Jewly Hight Also was a guest, in the role of contextualizer and advocate for a wider and more intelligent concept of country music. She did a great job, but she did not go in as if it is trial by combat, Which is how the show left me feeling.)

The promising hour of radio it was, but it fell far short of what it could have been, because the host fell into a common trap.

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While we can’t take credit for this awesome original prospectus map of Disneyland (thanks be to our friends at BoingBoing), we can say that this article and explainer on the initial plan for Walt Disney’s California dreamland includes the wonderful tidbit that the company hoped to sell a “real pony or a miniature donkey thirty inches high.”

Nobody knows yet exactly why the New York Times' Jill Abramson was fired from her position as executive editor, but BuzzFeed's Miriam Elder says fears of her 'brusque' nature reek of sexism. ("Week In The News: Antarctic Ice Collapsing, Turkey Tragedy, India’s Vote, Hillary’s Brain," May 16, 2014)

TIL: One of the old Godzilla movies (“Godzilla’s Revenge”) focused on a bullied young kid who hung out with a creepy, slightly deformed baby Godzilla, Manilla. We don’t understand who thought this was a good idea, either. (The Return of Godzilla, May 9, 2014)

The Wall Street Journal's D.O.J. reporter Devlin Barrett joined On Point Tuesday, May 06 to discuss the ongoing debate surrounding the state of the death penalty in America. It’s a tough, but important conversation. (A Botched Execution And The Death Penalty Now, May 06, 2014)

"You can’t sit down and intentionally write a song. They have to come to you." 

Singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne joined On Point’s Tom Ashbrook in our Boston studios for a fun, free-ranging interview on music, bell-bottoms and NOT sounding like John Mellencamp, no matter what it may seem like. (Sorry, John Mellencamp). Among many things, we learned that 1) Some people have cabins built especially for songwriting 2) Nothing beats live music 3) Ray LaMontagne is a big On Point fan. (Sources say he told Tom that “he is the shit.”) Take a listen, and be sure to check out his new album, “Supernova,” out this week.